Psycho-astrological profiles for managers and CEOs of middle-sized corporations, startup entrepreneurs–and anyone interested in knowing how to align his/her powers, drives and talents for optimum success.

Mentoring Your Success…Using An Avant-Garde Approach

We have developed a way to make use of astrological charts to identify possible trouble spots in an entrepreneur’s personality makeup, people skills and the ability to withstand stress which could wreck havoc with business success.

This amazing tool can also detect hidden talents as yet undeveloped which, if recognized, could contribute to the joy of self-management–to getting all parts of one’s personality to work together to meet the challenges of the work environment.

We stress the emotional side of entrepreneurship, for it is often here that problems arise hampering business connections and eating away at the all-importantly vital self-confidence of the entrepreneur.

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What a Horoscope Can Do For You

A professional horoscope is a tool that kickstarts increased activity in your right brain.

You begin to envision new perspectives. You start to recognize previously unsuspected patterns. And you notice you are enjoying increased ingenuity, more intuitive insights and subtle understandings, especially concerning relationships…especially with regard to your spouse and/or your children. Continue reading

Is Astrology…Hogwash?

A little over two decades ago, when I was just an inexperienced, apprentice astrologer, I once asked my farming landlady on the Spanish island of Ibiza if she wanted her horoscope. (I’ve since learned there are good reasons never to ask someone if they want their horoscope. They must feel the need and ask for it.) Anyway, she replied, much to my dismay, “Prefiero dar a comer a los cerdos.”  I’d rather feed the pigs. Continue reading

Astrology Can Increase Your Geocaching Fun

If you already geocache (search with a GPS and/or published clues to find objects hidden in the outdoors by your fellow geocachers)… Especially if you geocache with your family for loads of family fun… Astrology can raise the level of that fun while you are out on the hunt to a new level.

So what does astrology have to do with geocaching? Continue reading

Great Resource for Raising an Autistic Child

An astrological chart can help you enhance the quality of your child’s life by increasing your understanding of who he or she is. It gives a uniquely detailed and intimate description of your child’s inner life, and reveals your child’s hidden personality, obscured by autistic behavior.

Astrology can tell you your child’s deepest-felt needs, dreams and desires; his or her deep, unexpressed emotions and special hidden talents. It can describe his or her creativity (and in what), tell whether he or she has ambitions (or not), hopes (or not), intuitive feelings (and for what, such as animals or nature), deep fears (by studying Scorpio in the chart), vigor (Mars), and pride (how much Leo in the chart and where).

Such practical information! Discover which books might be best to read to your child because they match his or her secret interests? Learn what kind of self-made books you can create to read/show your child that would have the greatest educative value, and enjoy the best chance for your child’s interest or focus.

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