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The Autistic Child’s Inner Life Put in Words

Does your autistic child make you wonder what he or she is innerly experiencing behind the stormy outbursts, the unusual behavior, the frustration and the withdrawal? What lies behind the sadness and the helplessness you see in those confused eyes?

Fortunately, through an astrological chart of your child you can enjoy the experience of knowing your child intimately, even though he or she cannot speak to you.

Tune into your child’s head and heart in a way that is otherwise not possible. Resolve for yourself at least a few of the insoluble puzzles of mothering or fathering an exceptional child.

Great Resource for Raising an Autistic Child

An astrological chart can help you enhance the quality of your child’s life by increasing your understanding of who he or she is. It gives a uniquely detailed and intimate description of your child’s inner life, and reveals your child’s hidden personality, obscured by autistic behavior.

Astrology can tell you your child’s deepest-felt needs, dreams and desires; his or her deep, unexpressed emotions and special hidden talents. It can describe his or her creativity (and in what), tell whether he or she has ambitions (or not), hopes (or not), intuitive feelings (and for what, such as animals or nature), deep fears (by studying Scorpio in the chart), vigor (Mars), and pride (how much Leo in the chart and where).

Such practical information! Discover which books might be best to read to your child because they match his or her secret interests? Learn what kind of self-made books you can create to read/show your child that would have the greatest educative value, and enjoy the best chance for your child’s interest or focus.

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Indigo Child with Neptune Conjunct Ascendant Complains

(Note: Indigo children are extremely bright, highly intuitive, exceptionally creative and believed to have a strong, innate subconscious spirituality.)

Sometime after my fifth birthday, when my mother showed me a picture of a reversible drawing in a puzzle book – Rubin’s vase – I might really have made her see things clearly the way I did. You could make things shift in your mind and see there was a larger, brighter world hanging on the outside edge of this one. You could see there were invisible designs at the heart of everything! Instead, she tried to make me see – which blinded me for years. Continue reading

What a Horoscope Can Do For You

A professional horoscope is a tool that kickstarts increased activity in your right brain.

You begin to envision new perspectives. You start to recognize previously unsuspected patterns. And you notice you are enjoying increased ingenuity, more intuitive insights and subtle understandings, especially concerning relationships…especially with regard to your spouse and/or your children. Continue reading

Mama, Are You Trying to Love Me?

Mama#2 burst into tears when Joshua, her five-year-old son, looked up at her with his large, sad brown eyes and asked if she were trying to love him.

Yes. Yes, of course she was. For some reason that bothered her no end, she always had so little feeling for this son. So what to answer? Continue reading

Mama#3: Excessively Introverted Daughter

Mama#3 has a problem. She is troubled that her five-year old daughter is excessively introvert: quiet, shy, often frightened, reluctant to try new things, meet new people or even answer most questions posed by her parents. And now – a disturbing report from Lily’s nursery school teacher. Continue reading

Astrology Can Increase Your Geocaching Fun

If you already geocache (search with a GPS and/or published clues to find objects hidden in the outdoors by your fellow geocachers)… Especially if you geocache with your family for loads of family fun… Astrology can raise the level of that fun while you are out on the hunt to a new level.

So what does astrology have to do with geocaching? Continue reading

Is Astrology…Hogwash?

A little over two decades ago, when I was just an inexperienced, apprentice astrologer, I once asked my farming landlady on the Spanish island of Ibiza if she wanted her horoscope. (I’ve since learned there are good reasons never to ask someone if they want their horoscope. They must feel the need and ask for it.) Anyway, she replied, much to my dismay, “Prefiero dar a comer a los cerdos.”  I’d rather feed the pigs. Continue reading

My Challenging Saturn in Cancer

I’m putting my feet up in my sunny living room on a small coffee table (the one I had shipped from Morocco some twenty years ago with enormous difficulty) as I step into a copy of my astrological chart… Continue reading